Red Family Share

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Keep it in the family with Red Family Share

Introducing Red Family Share, a convenient and hassle free Data sharing solution for RED Premium+, RED VIP+ and Red MORE Data 10GB plans. You can share your data with up to six other Vodacom friends and family members and get double your monthly Data back in Night Owl Data.

Who can share data?

You qualify to share your data if you’re on any of these plans:

The receiving customer (person with whom you’re sharing data) can be on any Vodacom Contract or Top Up price plan.

How do I get Red Family Share?

All sharing must be done via the My Vodacom website where the sharing subscriber will be required to login and register to perform the sharing.

Please note: Family Share will be coming soon to the My Vodacom App.

Please note: If you’re on a qualifying plan for Red Family Share, you must:

  • Be the Master Account Holder of the qualifying RED contract
  • Have an active number which is not soft- or hard-locked
  • Be within your assigned account limit based on your credit score at the time of credit vetting
  • Be a secondary subscriber and has a qualifying package, the customer can be allowed by the Master Account Holder to have the permission ‘Manage Value Added services’ enabled to his/her cellphone number. In this instance, the secondary cellphone number would be allowed to share to other eligible subscribers.

How much is the monthly cost?

The sharing subscriber will be charged R25 for the calendar month, for each unique receiving subscriber number with which data is shared. This cost will be added to the sharing subscriber’s bill.

What are the bundle sizes that can be shared?


What is the validity period of the data bundle shared with the Receiver?

The bundle received by the receiving subscriber is valid only for the calendar month in which it was shared and will expire at 23:59 on the last day of the calendar month in which the sharing occurred.

What is the maximum amount of receiving subscribers that can be added?

A sharing subscriber can only share data with a maximum of 6 unique receiving subscribers in a calendar month.